Website and Travel Photography Profiled in Shutterbug Magazine

Cuban children, Santiago De Cuba in Cuba - Shutterbug magazine profile

Website profiled on Shutterbug magazine (USA) article “Travel & Location Photography – Let’s Get Away From It All” (June 2011).

  • Cuban children, Santiago De Cuba in Cuba - Shutterbug magazine profile
  • Cuban children, Santiago De Cuba, Cuba
  • Sgra. Rosa Alisa Fraga with Statue of Santa Barbara, Trinidad, Cuba
  • Cuban boy with baseball glove, Santiago De Cuba, Cuba
  • Young Cuban musician plays saxophone, Matanzas, Cuba
  • Cuban boy and old American car, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


Travel & Location Photography

Let’s Get Away From It All

by Joe Farace

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”-Albert Einstein

“Robert Leon’s compelling travel photography is showcased in a site that gathers his images into 21 galleries along with two slide shows that highlight his commercial and photojournalistic imagery. There is so much in the galleries to choose from that I’ll start with the first gallery and then hit the last. His Cuba gallery includes images of a place where Leon, as a Canadian, has easy access, but it takes more than just access to be able to create photographs that tell such powerful stories. Not content with such images of power and beauty, Leon provides detailed – the best I’ve seen – caption information.

Leon’s image “Old Cuban woman with Statue of Santa Barbara” may contain echoes of James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s mother but here it’s visualized in a uniquely contemporary Third World setting. In the last gallery, North American Legends, Leon takes us into Edward Curtis territory with stunning monochrome images, such as “Mohawk Elder Mike Phillips or Kanentakeron, Kahnawake,” that offer a quiet, yet intense look at native peoples in traditional dress. Some, such as “Mohawk man, Albert Stalk, flying like an eagle,” transcend everything you’ve ever seen depicting Native Americans. As a wonderful contrast to his warm, sensitive images of the people of Cuba, Leon shows a proud, oft-beautiful photograph that blends mythology with modern-day imagery (don’t miss “Mohawk girl in cornfield holding sun”). And this is just two galleries – there are 19 more! Leon is an amazingly talented travel photographer who has pushed the genre from “pretty pictures” and beyond photojournalism to create images of unexpected beauty and power. Don’t miss a single photograph” (Joe Farace – SHUTTERBUG).