Me with yogi buddies, Rajasthan India in F8 Magazine
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I'm a travel photojournalist and documentary photographer with 35+ years of professional photography experience. I was born in Montreal and moved to Milan, Italy in 1987, where I lived and worked for 9-years as a photographer. While in Italy I continued shooting travel and documentary photography working for Italian magazines and other magazines around the…

Bhopa-bhopi named Chitter Bhopa holding a baby, Pushkar Fair, Rajasthan, India
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Documentary photographs of the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, India in Feature Shoot

The Children of the Remote Villages in the Thar Desert photo-documentary is published in "Feature Shoot" . See more in Feature Shoot here... The Children of the Remote Villages in the Thar Desert (See more images and story at Feature Shoot) December 12, 2016 by Ellyn Kail "Chitter Bhopa holds his granddaughter at their camp…

Rajasthani boy runs on textiles near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on Verge magazine cover
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Documentary photograph of Rajasthani Boy Running on Textiles Drying in Rajasthan India on Verge Magazine Cover

Photo of a Rajasthani boy running across textiles in Rajasthan, India on Verge Magazine Cover. Documentary photo of a young Rajasthani boy running on textiles drying in the Thar Desert sun in near the city of Jaipur, Jaipur District, Rajasthan State, India on verge magazine cover (January 2006). See documentary photos and travel images of…