Tzutujil Mayan Hoku canoes on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
© Robert Leon /

Lago Atitlan Guatemala

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala ©Robert Leon …Looming over Lago Atitlan San Pedro volcano is a witness of time where Tzutujil Mayan fishermen in wooden canoes called Hoku glide in the dusk fog over Lago Atitlan’s surface…. Hoku Canoes on Lago Atitlan. Santiago Atitlan, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. Latin American music pumps…

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Israel wine industry story for NUVO Magazine
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Vancouver Photojournalist in Israel for NUVO Magazine story

Editorial travel photos of Israel for NUVO Magazine travel photography assignment about Israeli wines. Here are the published tearsheets and web screenshots for the editorial travel photo-assignment in Israel for NUVO Magazine's Israeli wine story. See more Documentary and Travel Photography of Israel and Israeli Culture.
  • Israel wine industry story for NUVO Magazine
  • Editorial travel photo assignment for NUVO Magazine on the Israeli wine industry
  • Ze’ev Dunie at Sea Horse Winery, Bar Giora, Israel for NUVO Magazine
  • Wine bottles in Golan Heights Winery. Katzrin, Golan Heights, Israel for NUVO Magazine
  • Haim Gan at Grape Man Wine & Spirits Centre, Jaffa, Israel for NUVO Magazine
From NUVO Magazine online…