Lambani woman, Odayam Beach. Varkala, Kerala, India
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Documentary travel pictures of Kerala India

Documentary travel pictures of Kerala, India Travel photography of Kerala India showing the people, culture, places and festivals (there are approximately 10,000 festivals celebrated in Kerala) of Kerala, India. Documentary travel images of Kerala India are now in the Gallery section here From Wikipedia "The culture of Kerala is composite and cosmopolitan in…

Cuban children, Santiago De Cuba, Cuba
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Vancouver photographer Robert Leon | documentary photographer - travel photographer - culture photographer

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Rajasthani boy runs on textiles near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on Verge magazine cover
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Documentary photograph of Rajasthani Boy Running on Textiles Drying in Rajasthan India on Verge Magazine Cover

Photo of a Rajasthani boy running across textiles in Rajasthan, India on Verge Magazine Cover. Documentary photo of a young Rajasthani boy running on textiles drying in the Thar Desert sun in near the city of Jaipur, Jaipur District, Rajasthan State, India on verge magazine cover (January 2006). See documentary photos and travel images of…

Mohawk Warrior on F8 Magazine cover
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F8 Magazine Cover with Interview and Portfolio

F8 Magazine Cover with Interview and Photography Portfolio (January 2011) See PDF
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  • Yucateca Mayan Man at Chichen Itza, Mexico in F8 Magazine
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  • Woman in Rajasthan India grinding grain in F8 Magazine
  • Rajasthani boy running on textiles in Rajasthan, India in F8 Magazine
  • India Culture and Guatemala Culture in F8 Magazine
  • Me with yogi buddies, Rajasthan India in F8 Magazine
F8 Magazine Interview (January 2011)   Who is Robert Leon? I'm originally from Montreal Canada and I've been a professional photographer for the past 30-years. I started in photography as an advertising and corporate photographer and in 1987…