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Documentary photo of Lacandon Mayan in Chiapas Mexico for Integral Magazine
© Robert Leon /

Documentary Photo of Lacandon Mayan Culture in Integral Magazine

Documentary photo of the Lacandon Mayan culture in Integral Magazine.

Documentary photo of Lacandon Mayan boy at Cascadas Lacanja, Lacanja Village, Chiapas State, Mexico along The Mayan Route is in Integral Magazine (Spain, November 2005).

Guatemala travel documentary photos for Geo Spain magazine
© Robert Leon /

Guatemala Documentary Photos for Mundo Maya Story in Geo Spain Magazine

Documentary images of Guatemala along The Mayan Route in Geo (Spain February 1997).

Documentary photos of Guatemala in Geo Spain magazine (February 1997). This was photographed on transparency film during three trips lasting five-week to six-week per trip to Guatemala, Mexico (Chiapas and Yucatan), Belize and Honduras on the Mayan Route.

Guatemala travel documentary reportage in Tuttoturismo magazine
© Robert Leon /

Guatemala travel documentary photo-reportage in Tuttoturismo Magazine

Documentary images of Guatemala along The Mayan Route in Tuttotourismo Magazine Italy (June 1997).

This photo-reportage of Guatemala shows documentary photos of Mayan culture, Maya archaeological sites or Mayan ruins, Mayan festivals, the Mayan’s rituals and daily life of Mayan people in Guatemala.

Mam Mayan shepherd holding sheep on cover for The World and I Magazine
© Robert Leon /

Documentary Photos and Story The World of The Maya in The World & I Magazine

Documentary photos of  Mayan Culture and story text written about the Mayan people’s culture along La Ruta Maya or The Mayan Route is the cover feature story for The World & I magazine (December 1996).

Rajasthani boy runs on textiles near Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on Verge magazine cover
© Robert Leon /

Documentary photograph of Rajasthani Boy Running on Textiles Drying in Rajasthan India on Verge Magazine Cover

Photo of a Rajasthani boy running across textiles in Rajasthan, India on Verge Magazine Cover.

Documentary photo of a young Rajasthani boy running on textiles drying in the Thar Desert sun in near the city of Jaipur, Jaipur District, Rajasthan State, India on verge magazine cover (January 2006).

Israel wine industry story for NUVO Magazine
© Robert Leon /

Vancouver Photojournalist in Israel for NUVO Magazine story

Editorial travel photos of Israel for NUVO Magazine travel photography assignment about Israeli wines.

Here are the published tearsheets and web screenshots for the editorial travel photo-assignment in Israel for NUVO Magazine’s Israeli wine story.

Sadhu Yogi Baba at Pushkar Lake, Rajasthan, India
© Robert Leon /

Documentary travel photographs of Rajasthan, India

Photos of Lacandon Mayans in Americas magazine
© Robert Leon /

Documentary Photos of Lacandon Mayan culture in Americas Magazine

Documentary photos of the Lacandon Mayan culture in Americas Magazine (June 2003).

These documentary photos the Lacandon Mayans shows the Mayan culture use of copal, the Maya archaeological site of Bonampak and the Lacandon Mayan’s rituals and daily life of people in the Selva Lacandona in Chiapas State, Mexico.

Lacandon Mayan boy at Cascadas Lacanja, near Lacanja village, Chiapas, Mexico.
© Robert Leon /

Lacandon Mayans in Chiapas Mexico

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Documentary photos of people in Shutterbug Magazine article called A Passion for People
© Robert Leon /

Photography Profiled in Shutterbug Magazine

Photography profiled in Shutterbug magazine USA  (December 2007).

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