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La Ruta Maya, The Mayan Route

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Cuban children, Santiago De Cuba, Cuba
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Documentary photos of The Mayan Route in Airone magazine
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Documentary photos of La Ruta Maya or The Mayan Route in Airone Magazine Italy

Documentary images of La Ruta Maya or The Mayan Route in Airone Magazine Italy (Issue 184, August 1996). This photo-reportage of The Mayan Route shows documentary photos of Mayan culture, Maya archaeological sites or Mayan ruins, Mayan festivals, the Mayan's rituals and daily life of Mayan people in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. La Ruta…


Guatemala travel documentary photos for Geo Spain magazine
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Guatemala Documentary Photos for Mundo Maya Story in Geo Spain Magazine

Documentary images of Guatemala along The Mayan Route in Geo (Spain February 1997). Documentary photos of Guatemala in Geo Spain magazine (February 1997). This was photographed on transparency film during three trips lasting five-week to six-week per trip to Guatemala, Mexico (Chiapas and Yucatan), Belize and Honduras on the Mayan Route. These documentary photos of…