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Sgra. Rosa Alisa Fraga with Statue of Santa Barbara, Trinidad, Cuba

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Photo ➝ Sgra. Rosa Alisa Fraga with Statue of Santa Barbara, Trinidad, Cuba

Signora Rosa Alisa Fraga sitting in her room beside a refrigerator and Statue of Santa Barbara in the town of Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus Province, Cuba.

Signora Fraga wears her well lived-in house robe and slippers while sitting all day in her room and in this surrealistic scene the existence of guardian angels seems possible. She sits between a pre-Cuban revolution refrigerator and an overseeing statue of Santa Barbara that seems like a guardian angel. Holding a Rosary with her crinkled hand she prays while watching over the statue. She’s a very devout custodian.

I ask her, "Why is Santa Barbara in your room?"

She answers with her Divine calling bringing out enthusiastic pride, "In this story there was a civilian sanatorium for tuberculosis. When this system of communism triumphed the government took over this sanatorium in Havana called Esperanza. Since the military in Cuba cannot be Christians, and the statue was in the sanatorium, the commander of Fidel's military forces collected the religious items and sent them to the church. But the church was already full, so they were sent to various homes to be guarded until a church has room."

She continues like the statue is alive and with a distinguished look earned by her great duty she says, "I am responsible for Santa Barbara and when they come to look for her, she must be in the same condition as when they brought her here."

She asks me, "You don't have any?"

I answer, "None as grand as yours that I know of."

She continues guarding the angelic saint... believing one day, when she passes on, Santa Barbara will watch over her.

Location/Subject: Cuba
City/Town: Trinidad
State/Province: Sancti Spiritus
Country: Cuba
World Region: North America
Sublocation: Latin America
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