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Sara Genn in her father Robert Genn’s studio, Crescent Beach, BC, Canada

Photo of Sara Genn in her father Robert Genn's studio, Crescent Beach, BC, Canada

Sara Genn in her father's (Robert Genn) studio (photo of Robert Genn on right) photographed on assignment for The New York Times feature story “TheUpShot” about artist Sara Genn. Crescent Beach, South Surrey, BC, Canada.

"Sara Genn, a painter and singer, is the daughter of Robert Genn, a Canadian landscape painter. “He had a studio next to our house, so it was something that we always grew up with,” she said. “His philosophy was just make it part of everyday life and make materials readily available.”

Ms. Genn stands in front of a portrait of her father, Robert Genn, also a painter. Daughters of artist fathers are eight times as likely to become artists themselves.
Robert Leon for The New York Times

Her two brothers also work in the arts. “We would have really been rebelling if we decided to become accountants or doctors,” she said.

Many people said they were inspired by their parents’ love of their jobs" (The New York Times).

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Photos - Vancouver Photographer for The New York Times feature story on painter Sara Genn

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