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Pacaya Volcano erupting, Guatemala

Mundo Maya Mecca - Guatemalan Highlands ➝ photos

Photo ➝ Pacaya Volcano erupting, Guatemala

The Pacaya volcano is a part of the Central American Volcanic Arc, a chain of volcanoes stretching from the northwest to the southeast along the Pacific coast of Central America, formed by the tectonic subduction of the Cocos Tectonic Plate beneath the Caribbean Plate.

Pacaya lies on the southern edge of a sizable volcanic caldera formed in the Pleistocene age which contains Lago de Amatitlán. This caldera has been the source of at least nine very large explosions over the past 300,000 years, erupting a total of about 70 cubic kilometres (17 cu mi) of magma.

Pacaya Volcano, Escuintla District, Guatemala, Central America

Location/Subject: Mundo Maya Mecca - Guatemalan Highlands
City/Town: Near San Francisco de Sales
State/Province: Escuintla
Country: Guatemala
Sublocation: Central America
World Region: Latin America
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