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Greek Orthodox Priest ringing bell. The Great Meteoron Monastery or Holy Monastery of Transfiguration of Jesus, Meteora, Greece

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Photo ➝ Greek Orthodox Priest ringing bell. The Great Meteoron Monastery or Holy Monastery of Transfiguration of Jesus, Meteora, Greece

Greek Orthodox Priest ringing bell. The Great Meteoron Monastery (a.k.a. Holy Monastery of Transfiguration of Jesus), Meteora, Greece.

“In 1344, Athanasios Koinovitis from Mount Athos brought a group of followers to Meteora. From 1356 to 1372, he founded the great Meteoron monastery on the Broad Rock, which was perfect for the monks; they were safe from political upheaval and had complete control of the entry to the monastery. The only means of reaching it was by climbing a long ladder, which was drawn up whenever the monks felt threatened” (Wikipedia).

Meteora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List under criteria I, II, IV, V and VII.

Great Meteoron Monastery or Holy Monastery of Transfiguration of Jesus, Meteora, Greece.

Location/Subject: Meteora Monasteries, Greece
City/Town: Meteora
State/Province: Kalambaka
Country: Greece
Sublocation: Mediterranean Basin
World Region: Europe
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