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Documentary photo of Lacandon Mayan in Chiapas Mexico for Integral Magazine

Documentary Photo of Lacandon Mayan Culture in Integral Magazine ➝ photos

Photo ➝ Documentary photo of Lacandon Mayan in Chiapas Mexico for Integral Magazine

Documentary photo of Lacandon Mayan boy at Cascadas Lacanja, Lacanja Village, Chiapas State, Mexico along The Mayan Route is in Integral Magazine (Spain, November 2005).

9-year old Lacandon Mayan boy Pancho standing in front of Cascadas Lacanja (Lacanja Waterfalls) in The Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve in The Selva Lacandona (Lacandon Jungle). Near Lacanja Village, Chiapas State, Mexico.

This documentary image is of a Lacandon Mayan boy named Pancho in the Selva Lacandona (Lacandon Jungle) in Chiapas State, Mexico along the Mayan Route which was photographed on color transparency film from 1995 and 1996 during three trips along The Mayan Route.

Location/Subject: Documentary Photo of Lacandon Mayan Culture in Integral Magazine
City/Town: Lacanja
State/Province: Chiapas
Country: Mexico
Sublocation: Latin America
World Region: North America
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Copyright: ©Robert Leon / All Rights Reserved.
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