Documentary Travel Photos of Mayan Culture in Mexico for Gente Viaggi Magazine Italy

Documentary travel images of Mayan Culture of Mexico on The Ruta Maya or The Mayan Route in Gente Viaggi Magazine (Italy, February 2004).

This photo-reportage of the Mayan Culture of Mexico along The Mayan Route shows documentary photos of Mexico’s Mayan culture, Maya Archaeological Sites or Mayan Ruins, Mayan Festivals and daily life of Mayan People in Mexico.

You can see more photos of the La Ruta Maya, or The Mayan Route, photo-documentary which covers the countries of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Chiapas Mexico and Yucatan Mexico with documentary photos showing Mayan culture, traditional Mayan villages, markets, archaeological sites, Mayan rituals, festivals and traditions from Pre-Columbian time to Spanish Colonialism and the present.

These documentary images of Mexico on The Mayan Route where photographed on color transparency film from 1995 and 1996 during three trips of 5 to 6 weeks each trip along The Mayan Route.

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