Documentary Photo of Sadhu in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India in The Times Journal of Photography

Documentary image of Sadhu Yogi Baba Ramaeshuranand in his temple along the ghats of Pushkar Lake. Pushkar, Rajasthan, India in The Times Journal of Photography (Mumbai India, January 2005).

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Story in The Times Journal of Photography

“Let There Be Light!”

One of the most incredible experiences I had was while I was photographing Sadhu Yogi Baba Ramaeshuranand in Pushkar – India, during the Pushkar Mela (Pushkar Fair). An unknown and dishevelled man was putting tikka symbols on the foreheads of pilgrims for blessings during a Puja at Pushkar Lake. He approached me and after making a symbol on my forehead, he seems to take into consideration I’m a Westerner and so he cheerfully blessed me saying: “Merry Christmas!” even though Christmas was not near. We laughed aloud for quite a while and then we started talking. He told me he’s Sadhu and began telling me stories that were really like poetry and where every word started revealing a new meaning and opening up sentences of new pages and new books of life around the World and I. It was a very spiritual experience.

Inside his temple at the Pushkar Lake ghats, he started laughing and raising his hands into the air and at that moment sunlight lit up his hand … it was otherworldly. He told me he was “sending happiness up to the Universe so it will fall back to Earth like a rain od happiness on people”.

I would really like to see the people around the world being shown in a positive and happy way. Maybe that way there would be less racism, misunderstandings and perhaps less wars. I humbly try to make a positive change in the World by showing positive things about the world. Sadhu Yogi Baba Ramaeshuranand inspired me – I send images into the world and hopefully it will make a positive difference.
(As told to Dhaval Dhairyawan)