Canoes on Lake Atitlan Guatemala for Travelers Tales Central America Book Cover

Documentary travel photo of Hoku Canoes on Lago Atitlan, Santiago Atitlan Village, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala for Travelers’ Tales Central America – True Stories Book Cover.

Documentary travel photo of Hoku Canoes on Lago Atitlan with San Pedro Volcano in background near Santiago Atitlan Village, Lago Atitlan, Department of Solola, Guatemala on the cover for Travelers’ Tales Central America: True Stories (February 2002).

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“These stories of travel in Central America – Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama – are adventurous and quirky, sobering and enlightening. Readers visit a Panamanian island known for its wildlife; glimpse the wealthy Generation X repatriates of Nicaragua; and meet a charming Guatemalan revolutionary. Authors include Paul Theroux, Jennifer Harbury, Ronald Wright, Joan Didion, Randy Wayne White, and Rigoberta Menchu. Travelers’ Tales Central America provides a new window into this astonishingly beautiful and complex part of the world. ‘For the thoughtful traveler, these books are an invaluable resource.’ – Pico Iyer”