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Photo of Massacre Tombstones, Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

Photo of Spirits at Santiago Atitlan village on Lago Atitlan, Department of Solola, Guatemala, Central America.

Site of December 1, 1990 massacre in Santiago Atitlan village: A military base was set-up in Santiago Atitlan to control the guerrillas. Instead the army terrorizes, tortures and kills innocent villagers whom the military select at random. After years of this, on the night of December 1, 1990, two drunken soldiers shot and killed an innocent villager.

This generated a group of around two thousand Mayas to approach the army base. The soldiers opened fire killing thirteen people including three children and wounded twenty more people. After this massacre around twenty thousand Mayas signed a petition and protested to expel the army. This pressure made the army leave Lago Atitlan. Santiago Atitlan was the first Maya village to expel the army.

Location of picture - Santiago Atitlan village Department of Sololá Guatemala

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