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Photo of Chan Muwan Mayan Murals, Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico

Photo of Mural of Room One, Structure One depicts an infant heir to the throne being presented to resident and visiting dignitaries of Bonampak with dancers wearing large ceremonial feather headdresses. Classic Period Maya site Bonampak, Bonampak, Chiapas, Mexico.

Bonampak murals where painted in the late 8th century. These Mayan murals show relationships between warfare, accession, bloodletting, captive sacrifice, and rulers of the Classic Maya Period. The Mayan paintings of Bonampak show courtly activities of the last Mayas who ruled the Classic Period Maya City of Bonampak. The murals depict the military conquests and other achievements of Maya king Chan Muwan. The Maya believed warriors drew strength from the animal spirits. Archaeologists discovered the murals, preserved under a layer of calcification, in 1946 and dated the paintings to about ad 790.

See The Bonampak Documentation Project at http://www.yale.edu/bonampak/ for more about the Bonampak Murals. The Bonampak Documentation Project was established following a pilot study published by National Geographic Magazine in February 1995 in which digital images of several sections of the Bonampak murals were restored using line visible in infrared photographs. The goal of the full-scale project is to document, reconstruct and study the ancient murals.

Location of picture - Bonampak Ruins Chiapas Mexico

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