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Photo of Garifuna man, Garifunan culture festival, Livingston, Guatemala

Photo of Garifuna man celebrating arrival of Garifunas in Livingston Guatemala.

Fiesta De Recuerdo De Nuestra Descendencia Garifuna festival with traditional music and dancing (May 15) to celebrate the arrival of the first Garifuna on the shores of Guatemala. Livingston, District of Izabal, Guatemala, Central America.

Garifuna is the name of the distinct people who are the mixture of the South American Arawak and Carib Indians and the Africans who fused together on the island of St. Vincent. The Garinagu (plural) were the inhabitants of St. Vincent Island until the British forced them into exile in 1797. They are considered the only Black Ameri-Indians who live in the Caribbean coast of Central America starting from Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize. The Garifuna people have maintained their own language and traditions which are unique and greatly influenced by African and Native Indian traditions and customs.

La Buga is the Garifuna name for Livingston a small city in the Izabal region of Guatemala. La Buga, along with Puerto Barrios, are the major centers in Guatemala where Garifuna reside.

Location of picture - Livingston Izabal Guatemala

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